Wyecast Stone

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Ballustrading can be used in many different ways in building architecture. It is an eye-catching feature on any building.

It can be used on top of a terrace to form both a boundary and a safety barrier for a raised wall. Ballustrading can be used on top of a balcony or parapet to form a very elegant wall.

We supply ballustrading in many different heights and colours with a large selection of different rails and base copings. We also produce under copings to further raise the overall height of the ballustrading to maintain building regulations.

Curved and stepped rails and coping can be produced to suit curved walls or to produce elegant steps either to your house or garden.

To compliment the ballustrade we produce matching piers and finials which greatly enhance the appearance as well as forming a structurally strong end support.

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Wyecast Stone

E & I Williams
Doward Works, Great Doward,
Herefordshire, HR9 6DZ

Tel:   01600 890474
Fax:  01600 890327
E-mail:  sales@eiwilliams.co.uk

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